“In the summer between high school and college, you sell kitchen knives from a catalog.”
“Hear me, O Lord, in my time of sales, and lead me not to ruin.”
"El próxima vierno, yo vendé pastillas en una tienda."
Inspiration for my ongoing 100-story shtick hails from a group, Oulipo, who would submit to voluntary and quirky constraints in writing. A famous…
"Looking in the papers, I happened upon a notice by a certain purveyor of fine cutlery."
"In the sweaty summer between Baptist high school and Presbyterian college, I sold luxury kitchen knives from a glossy catalog."
And 16 short stories I liked last year
"Nth thus hum mar beet wee nice cool land call edge, ice old kitsch and nigh fuzz fora muck at tall lug."
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The Sound of My Own Voice